Yamraj PUBG Hacker Bio, Real Name, Face, PUBG ID, KD Stats, Controversy and More

In this article you will know Yamraj PUBG Hacker Biography, Real name, age, Address, Telegram, PUBG ID, KD Ratio, Controversy, Lifestyle and More information about his personal life. Let’s go,

Yamraj pubg mobile hacker ID, Biography

  • Yamraj (Yuvraj) PUBG is better known as a deadly hacker in PUBG Mobile Community who had wiped out many pro players whole squad single handedly during his hacking rank push time.
  • Yamraj who has a very badass impression in Indian Gaming Community is the first Indian person to live stream hacking gameplay of PUBG Mobile on YouTube but as for now he has left hacking.

Yamraj PUBG’s Biography/Wikipedia

Real NameRahul Sharma
Age25 years
PUBG ID511149188
HometownJaipur, Rajasthan
Phone Number9587595784
ProfessionWorks in Foundation
Famous ForPUBG Mobile Hacker

Yamraj’s PUBG Mobile Career

He used to play PUBG Mobile since season 1. That time he was playing the game in a legit way with his college friends but in season 2 he got killed many times with hackers which made him an evil hacker in Indian Gaming Community. After season 2 he started playing PUBG Mobile with hack and continuously topped the Asia server consequently for 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 seasons which made him so much popular in cheater categories and a lot of people were influenced by him for hacking.

Yamraj pubg mobile hacker ID, Biography

Then PUBG brought changes in their algorithm and started detecting and banning cheaters frequently and that was the end of his hacking career.

Nowadays he plays PUBG Mobile without a hack due to multiple IDs getting permanently banned. Apart from playing PUBG Mobile, he used to sell PUBG UC and cheat codes on his telegram channel.

Yamraj’s Controversy with Mortal, Scout and Other Streamers

When the craze of PUBG Mobile was its peak in India, the number of hackers were also increasing day by day which was obviously ruining the game of real pro players especially those who were trying hard for rank push. That time in the middle of 2019, Yamraj was on the 1st rank of Asia.

But all this scenario became worse when many PUBG Mobile hackers including Yamraj started live streaming of hacking gameplay and fun facts the audience were also spamming big fan sir, keep it up, real pro not only this they were asking for the hack mod of the game too.

Yamraj killed many popular PUBG Mobile streams like Soul Mortal, ScoutOP, Dynamo etc. on their live stream which made everyone angry and upset. Same in the case of Mortal, once Yamraj killed him on live stream and Mortal gave some random lectures on cheaters which made Yamraj life worse because Mortal fans started hating and scolding Yamraj. Not only Yamraj people were threatening and scolding his girlfriend too. After that Yamraj gave several interviews and clarified this matter. You can see above video for details.

Yamraj’s PUBG ID and KD Ratio

Yamraj pubg mobile hacker ID

Yamraj Real PUBG ID Number is 511149188 and his Character name is YAM RAJ. He has played 134 matches with a KD Ratio 2.37. In the previous 13 season he had played a total of 355 matches with KD ratio 3.14.
Some of Yamraj PUBG Mobile IDs which got ban are:
  • 5318937135
  • 5233423825
  • 52238902478

Yamraj’s Telegram Channel

Yamraj used to sell UC and other stuff through his official telegram account. Basically, if you want to contact him for any query, his telegram number is 9587595784 you can message him directly on Telegram with this number. His telegram user ID is Yamraaj_YT.
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