GENJ1 Gaming’s Bio, Country, PUBG ID, KD Ratio, Layout, Sensitivity and More

Here in this article you know about one of the most popular PUBG Mobile content creator Genj1 Gaming’s Biography, Country, Age, Net worth, PUBG ID, KD Ratio, Claw setup, Sensitivity setting and More stats regarding him.

Genj1 Gaming Biography PUBG ID
Genj1 Gaming logo
  • Genj1 Gaming is one of the most popular PUBG Mobile content creators, best known for his 6 fingers claw setup.
  • He is an Asian PUBG Mobile player from Japan mostly used to play in KRJP server, has a very quick finger movement skill.

Genj1 Gaming’s Biography/Wiki

Real NameGenji

ProfessionPUBG Content Creator
Age24 years
PUBG ID5164256282
Character NameGENJ1ヽGaming
GirlfriendNot Known
HobbyGaming & Travelling
DeviceiPad & iPhone 8
Famous For6 Finger Claw Setup


Genj1 Gaming's major source of income is his YouTube channel. Currently more than 1.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel named Genj1 Gaming. As for now his channel has successfully crossed the 110 Million views mark which is a huge number in itself. Most of his highlight videos easily cross 2 million views count on an average basis.
Genj1 Gaming Biography PUBG ID
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From all these stats we can assume his monthly income is Approx. $5000 and annual income is approx. $60,000 which makes,
Genj1 Gaming’s Net Worth: Approx. $150,000.

Genj1 Gaming’s PUBG ID & Name

Genj1 Gaming PUBG ID Number is 5164256282 and his PUBG Character name is GENJ1ヽGaming.

Genj1 Gaming’s KD Ratio

Genj1 Gaming has a very good overall K/D Ratio. In current season, he has played a total of 134 matches with KD Ratio of 5.69. From beginning to till now, he has 11.52 highest KD Ratio in season 10 and his lowest was 4.22 in season 7.

SeasonsMatches PlayedKD Ratio
Season 268.80
Season 31635.67
Season 42117.51
Season 5306.52
Season 6407.74
Season 7254.22
Season 8197.13
Season 9337.85
Season 106311.52
Season 112111.33
Season 123810.36
Season 13865.43
Season 141345.69

Genj1 Gaming’s Control Setting (Layout)

Genj1 Gaming 6 finger claw control setup
Genj1 Gaming Claw Setup
He mostly plays on iPad with 6 finger claw setup. His PUBG Mobile 6 finger controller setting is very famous in PUBG Mobile Community and his gameplay on this setup is also exceptional.

Genj1 Gaming’s Sensitivity Settings

Genj1 Gaming PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings are considered as one of the best settings for 6 finger control layouts. His Camera, ADS and Gyroscope Sensitivities are given below:

Camera Sensitivity
Genj1 Gaming's sensitivity settings

3rdPerson No Scope36%
1srPerson No Scope70%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist14%
2x Scope7%
3x Scope4%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS4%
6x Scope4%
8x Scope3%

ADS Sensitivity
Genj1 Gaming's sensitivity settings

3rdPerson No Scope53%
1srPerson No Scope70%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist23%
2x Scope22%
3x Scope21%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS18%
6x Scope12%
8x Scope10%

Gyroscope Sensitivity
Genj1 Gaming's sensitivity settings

3rdPerson No Scope1%
1srPerson No Scope1%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist295%
2x Scope235%
3x Scope167%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS167%
6x Scope1%
8x Scope1%

Social Media Accounts

He is mostly active on Instagram and Twitter. He hasn’t opened his official page on Facebook yet. You can check his official account below:
Instagram: Check here
Twitter: Check here
YouTube: Check here
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