Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) Biography, Name, Age, Face Reveal, Income, Free Fire ID

Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) Biography Real Name Income Face Reveal
  • Total Gaming is India’s most subscribed gaming youtuber mostly plays Garena Free Fire and GTA 5 on his YouTube channel.
  • Ajju Bhai owner of Total Gaming is a pro Free Fire player also known as AWM KING due to his insane sniping skills.


The real name of Total Gaming is Ajay better known as Ajju Bhai in Indian Gaming Community. He is the most popular and followed Free Fire player in India as well as all over the world. He is a professional growth hacker by profession but became popular after his Free Fire game plays.

He is a 12 class diploma dropout student by education but has experience in the software field and also works in a software company as a growth hacker. At the age of 23, he has already got a lot of success in his life as being India’s most subscribed gaming youtuber.
Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) Biography Real Name Income Face Reveal

Real Name: Ajay
Nick name: Ajju Bhai
Profession: Gamer & Growth Hacker
Free Fire ID: 451012596
Free Fire Name: Ajjubhai94
Clan: Arrow (Team 1)
Phone Number: 9909430389
Country: India
Hometown: Gujrat, Ahmedabad
Girlfriend: Update soon
Birthday: Update soon
Age: 23 years
Height: 5’10” Feet-Inches
Religion: Hindu
Education: Diploma dropout
Hobby: Gaming and Listening music


Ajay belongs from a simple middle-class family and lives with his father, mother and a small brother in Ahmedabad. A small family of 4 members, they used to live with joy and happiness and are very much supportive and understanding towards each other. Ajju Bhai's life is too busy because of his company job and YouTube career as he has to manage both of these.

In childhood, his life was very much simple means school to home and home to school but after 10th he joined a diploma in software engineering but due to lack of concentration he didn’t complete and left it in between. But he learnt some skills in software fields which helped him to get a job in a software company.

But his life became more busy after he got success in YouTube career as he has to manage both within the same time but once he revealed that he is thinking about quitting the job on his live stream.

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After 10, he started his career in a software company but his life took u turn when he started his YouTube channel in 2018. He started playing Free Fire on his YouTube channel which got much more success than his expectation despite of the trend of PUBG Mobile in the country was at the peak.
Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) Biography Real Name Income Face Reveal

He started two channels named Total Gaming and Total Gaming Live on Oct 9, 2018 and currently has more than 10 million and 3 million subscribers respectively on it. He used to play Free Fire, Call OF Duty Mobile, PUBG and GTA 5 on live stream. Some of his memorable moments:
First subscriber: Nizamuddin Shaikh
First moderator: Badsha
First Super Chat: By FB Bishal

Face Reveal

Ron gaming in PUBG Mobile and Total gaming in Free Fire are the two popular gaming youtubers whose face reveal are the most searched queries on the internet. Once total gaming said that he will reveal his face in between 2023-2024 which made many of his fans upset but don’t worry our internal sources are able to find out the real photos of Ajju Bhai. Let’s go for exclusive face reveal of Total Gaming:
Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) Biography Real Name Income Face Reveal


As we know more than 13 million subscribers on his both YouTube channels which is his major source of income. His average monthly views on YouTube channel is more than 40-50 million and while doing live streams he used to get more than 30k live audience which is a huge number. From YouTube, he is making money through AdSense, Super Chats, Paytm/Google Pay donations, Memberships and Sponsorships.

Another source of income is his social media accounts as more than 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million followers on Facebook. By advertising different brands and other stuff as sponsored posts on social media, boosted his earnings.

Last but not the least, salary comes from his job in a software company where he used to work as a growth hacker.

From all these earnings stats we can assume his monthly income is Approx. Rs. 8 lakhs and Annual income is Approx. Rs. 90 lakhs which makes,
Total gaming’s Net Worth: Approx 1.5 crores

Ajju bhai's Free Fire ID & Name

Ajju bhai Free Fire ID, Profile, KD Stats

Total Gaming Free Fire ID (UID) Number is 451012596 and his In-Game Name is ‘Ajjubhai94’. This is his main Free Fire account from which he used to play on stream and many tournaments.

Ajju bhai's FF Profile, Stats & KD Ratio

Ajju bhai Free Fire ID, Profile, KD Stats

Lifetime Stats

Ajju bhai has played a total of 8499 squad matches in which he won 2301 games with kills over 30901. In squad games, his winning percentage is 27% with a KD Ratio of 3.63.

He has played a total of 1582 duo matches in which he won 299 games with total kills over 6192. In duo games, his winning percentage is 18.9% with a KD Ratio of 3.91.

In solo, he played a total of 867 games and he won 76 matches with 2205 kills which makes his winning percentage is 8.7% with a KD ratio of 2.54.

Ranked Stats

Ajju bhai Free Fire ID, Profile, KD Stats

In the current season, he has played a total of 1268 squad games and won 112 matches with kills over 3675 which makes her winning percentage is 8.8% and KD Ratio is 2.89.

Known Facts

1. Ajju bhai aka Total Gaming is a software engineer by profession but better known as a Free Fire player and a successful youtuber.

2. Total Gaming is the first Indian Gamer/Streamer to reached 10 million subscribers on youtube. He suppressed very popular PUBG Mobile streamers like Dynamo gaming and Soul Mortal to become the most subscribed streamer in India.
Total Gaming (Ajju Bhai) Biography Real Name Income Face Reveal

3. Ajjubhai94 is mostly active in Squads where his winning rates in all the modes (Solo, Duo & Squad) is more or less equal and his average KD Ratio is between 4 to 5 which is pretty much good.

4. In 2019, when Indian teams were going to Germany and Indonesia for tournaments, total gaming was also invited for that but he didn’t go there due to his company job.

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