Top 10 World Records In PUBG Mobile That May Never Be Broken

Records are made to be broken’, in every genre of competitive scenarios. Same as in PUBG Mobile, there are also so many world records already existing and many more to come in the near future. Here’s the best and the most popular Guinness World Records in PUBG Mobile which are nearly impossible to break.
World Records in PUBG Mobile

Top World Records In PUBG Mobile | 2020 Updates

1. 92 Highest Kills In A Classic Match

A man with big mooches named Bashar Khaleel made a world record of most kills by an individual player in PUBG Mobile. This record created by him was not due to his excellent game play but by his fabulous luck. He is a PUBG Mobile stream who started his game as normally people do. But a miracle happened when PUBG Server got down and only 5-6 players were able to enter into the game. As soon as he noticed PUBG server got down, the man with big mooches reached the place where all offline players were landed.
World Records in PUBG Mobile Highest Kills

What next? He started killing all the offline players landed on the same place with guns and fists. After finishing all of them, he got 87 kills but he didn’t stop here. He progressed in the game and found all remaining players who luckily entered the game. After killing the last player, a total of 92kill he got which makes him famous overnight. Not only this much he set a world record of highest kills in PUBG Mobile by a player in a single classic match.

2. Longest Distance Kill – 6,766 Meters

To know the longest kill in PUBG Mobile is curiosity of many players from the beginning of the game launches but what they got is just any fake data or something manipulations like 6,766 meters which mention here. Think about it, even half or quarter of this fake data which is all over the internet is possible, the answer is a big NO. These all are just a bug or any manipulated data. For proof, see the below image you will get your answer that these are just any types of bugs:
World Records in PUBG Mobile Longest distance

Now you want to know then what is the real figure of this, don’t you? Now come to our main topic, according to Tracker Network’s PUBG Page the longest kill recorded is 1,123.20 meters by a username ProLegendary on their leaderboard. Till now this is the exact documented figures for longest kill In PUBG Mobile.

3. 3.24 Million Concurrent Players on Steam

In Sep 2017, PUBG Mobile set a record of highest concurrent players 1,349,584 on steam by beating Dota 2 (1,291,328 in March 2017) to become no. 1 game of all time. This number was continuously growing and finally in January 2018, it reached its peak which broke all previous records made by itself with a total of 3.2 million concurrent players.
World Records in PUBG Mobile concurrent player

Slowly trends were decreased slightly but still managed to be within top 5 position on steam which is a big record set by PUBG Mobile. You can check it above, still on no. 3 spot behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2.

4. 385K+ Live Watching Record (Mortal vs Carry)

On 26 Feb 2020, CarryMinati (A famous YouTuber and gamer) challenged Soul Mortal (Professional gamer and streamer) for 1vs1 TDM match which created a lot of buzz around Indian Gaming Community and the date was 16 March 2020 almost 20 days after announcement. It created a mammoth hype all over the gaming community across the world.
World Records in PUBG Mobile Mortal vs CarryMinati

Finally, on 16 March, both came online on their respective YouTube channels and huge numbers of audience were connected with them to see them playing against each other. At the match time Mortal got highest watching of 178k and carry got 207k which was their individual highest watching. Collectively 385K+ live audiences were connected at same time during Mortal Vs Carry, which set a record of highest numbers of watching for PUBG Mobile streams on any medium at a time.

5. Longest Match – 35 minutes and 55 seconds

As we know PUBG Mobile is based on full of algorithm settings which have a fixed algorithm in diverse mode. Due to this fixed algorithm setup, there is always fixed time duration for starting and ending of the game. Not only this much but there is fixed time for blue zones, red zones and many others. So basically, PUBG Mobile has progressed forward with fixed timing.
World Records in PUBG Mobile

There is a fixed time for the final circle (8th circle) of the game which is 32 minutes and 50 seconds for Erangel and Miramar maps and for Sanhok is 24 minutes and 20 seconds. The circle started shrinking in 180 seconds after the final circle which makes a total of 35 minutes and 50 seconds from starting to ending for a game.

After the final circle arrived you barely survived for a second but a player named INDO143 survived for 35 minutes and 55 seconds in a classic Erangel match which is recorded in Tracker network’s PUBG Page leaderboard and this match became the longest match of PUBG Mobile.

6. Fastest Chicken Dinner Just in 14 Minutes (By G Guruji)

G Guruji, an Indian streamer and gamer, holds the record of fastest “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. He got his chicken dinner in just 14 minutes and broke many previous records set by many other players. 

Previously, many players claimed their world records for fastest chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile by uploading their respective 15, 16, 17 and 18 minutes game play videos on YouTube. But all these records were broken by G Guruji when he uploaded a 14 minutes chicken dinner match.

7. Fastest Kills – 18 Kills in 6 Minutes

Record of the Fastest Kills in PUBG Mobile which is 18 kills in 6 minutes is made by Levinho. This is an average of 3 kills per minute for continuously 6 minutes which is almost impossible in the game of PUBG Mobile.
World Records in PUBG Mobile

Basically, he was playing a normal game as usual but suddenly he showed a large number of squads around 5-6, were coming to the georgopol which made him full of surprise at the time of landing. But as fast as he landed, he started hunting the players like a wounded lion, within 6 minutes he got 18 freaking kills which made a world record, till now no one can break this record.

8. Fastest Steam Early Access Game To Gross $100 Million – 79 days

By 10 June 2017, PUBG became the fastest steam for early access game to gross $100 million within a small time of just 79 days. Since PUBG’s initial launch on 23 March 2017, the demand for the game was insane which made this game break many digital records in the gaming world.
World Records in PUBG Mobile on Steam

Till now approx. 650 million plus users downloaded PUBG across Mobile, PC and Console which is a big number. An average of 50 million active players used to play PUBG Mobile on a daily basis.

9. Highest Number of Matches Played In A Season

The record of highest number of matches played in a season is holds by Keluminati who played more than 3000+ matches in a single season. He played a total of 3000+ matches by combining his all Solo, Duo and Squads matches in TPP and FPP which is near to impossible by any player to break this record.
World Records in PUBG Mobile
Matches in Squad TPP
World Records in PUBG Mobile
Matches in Squad FPP

World Records in PUBG Mobile
Matches in Duo TPP

He played Classic(TTP) 2564 and Classic(FPP) 311 which is around 2900 Squad matches in North America Server only in Season 2. He played some Duo and Solo matches on the same server. Not only on North America server he also played some matches in Europe and Asia which is not mentioned here. By considering each and every match he played in that season, he becomes the highest number of matches played by a player in the same season of PUBG Mobile.

10. Highest KD Ratio – 25.99 by Midas

An average of 6-10 KD (Kill to Death) Ratio is considered good in PUBG Mobile and most good players have the KD Ratio within this range. But when it comes to world records, this is never enough. The highest KD Ratio of a lethal/real player named: Midas had 25.99 KD in season 9. He played a total of 786 matches in Asia server with Wins- 587, top 10- 745, kills- 6341 and K/D Ratio- 25.99.
World Records in PUBG Mobile highest KD Ratio
Highest KD Ratio

There are so many which show more KD Ratio than this like 100+ or even 1000+ but that’s all are either stats of hackers or manipulated data.

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