ScoutOP PUBG ID, Biography, Earning, KD Ratio, Stats & More

Here we are going to know everything about Scout PUBG who is better known as FNC ScoutOP or ORScoutOP which Includes brief details of his personal and professional life i.e. his Biography, Real Name, Age, Birthday, Hometown, Girlfriend, Lifestyle, Achievements, Net worth, PUBG ID, KD stats, Control (Layout) Setting, Sensitivity and More.

Scout PUBG Biography Earnings Achievements
  • ScoutOP aka Tanmay Singh is a professional competitive PUBG Mobile player who is better known for his insane gaming sprites and great dedication to win the trophy for India at international level.
  • In PUBG Mobile, He is famous for his deadly M416+6x laser sprays and aggressive game play.


Tanmay Singh who is known as Sc0utOP in the gaming community is a professional PUBG Mobile player who has already represented India internationally on many occasions. Tanmay Singh is a 25 years old guy from Valsad Gujarat India who is a mechanical engineer by qualification but made his career in eSports.
Scout PUBG Biography Earnings Achievements

Short Biography of Scout PUBG Player

Real Name: Tanmay Singh
Nick Name: Scout
Profession: Esports player & Streamer
Girlfriend: Zaralizara
Age: 25 years old
Birthday: 30 July 1996
Height: 5’10” Feet-Inches
Hometown: Valsad, Gujrat, India
Hobbies: Gaming, Swimming & Travelling
Education: B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering

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Lifestyle & Family

Scout was a very aggressive and talkative naughty boy from his early age. His life was very normal like most people have. He completed his higher education from his hometown at Valsad, Gujarat. In school life he was very much passionate about Football and wanted to become a football player because he was very good in football and also selected for Gujarat football team (under 17) to play state level football tournament at Kolkata. But his dream to become a football player broke down because of a major accident and he left his dream to become a football player and moved ahead and He joined an engineering college to study Mechanical Engineering.

He belongs from a middle-class family where his father is a business man and mother is a housewife. His family was very much supportive towards every decision made by Scout and they had given all necessary freedom to him to choose his career and that’s the reason he is quite successful and happy in his life. When it comes to aggression, he is similar in both OFF the field or ON the field and always stands by his words and promises which he made.

Scout’s Esports gaming Career

Scout's gaming career started in 2018 when PUBG Mobile first launched in India and Scout was very good in battle royal games from the beginning. He was very good in PUBG Mobile from starting and he formed a clan named: R4W in 2018 for playing competitive tournaments but he got an opportunity to play PMSC 2018 so he left the R4W clan and joined TEAMIND (old) along with THUG, ASSASSIN and NARUTO. But due to some internal issues, this team was broken and Scout joined one of the famous clans GodLike.

In GodLike, he played for only 4-5 month and he again shifted to a new clan called TeamIND (New). This line-up was very much balanced and they performed really well being part of the TeamIND along with Daljitsk, Kratos and Trance.

But once again he left TeamIND for Team SouL which is India’s most popular clan and has a huge fan following. Scout replaced Soul Mortal in Team Soul as Mortal announced his retirement from competitive after bad performance in PMCO 2019. But Team Soul fans didn’t like this change in the team and they started hating Scout and this was the reason he left Team Soul.
Scout PUBG Biography Earnings Achievements

After leaving Team Soul, he came up with a new lineup named Xspark along with two members of team Soul Owais and Ronak and One extra played Paritosh. And later that year, His whole Xspark lineup was acquired by Fnatic – a global esports organization. This lineup also performed very well in many minor to major tournaments but Scout wanted to bring some improvement in the team. He wanted his team to become more aggressive so that they could stand in front of Indo and Chinese teams. For this they started experiment different strategy which was not accepted by Owais (Fnatic IGL) and his coach Aurum and from both side a lot of dramas was created on YouTube live stream but later they came up with a decision by excluding Scout from the lineup and he became content creator of Fnatic.
Scout PUBG Biography Earnings Achievements

Scout was never happy about this decision of his organisation and he was thinking of coming up with a new lineup once again but miracles happened in his career as Orange Rocks included him in his lineup for PMWL 2020 as loan from Fnatic because of his contracts. And Orange Rocks came with a strong lineup which included Mavi, Daljitsk, Viru, scout, Gill and anto. This lineup literally dominated in the PMWL and came as Runner up after BTR by beating the dominating teams like RRQ, TSM Entity, Box Gaming and many more.

This is the gaming journey of Sc0utOP from R4W-TeamIND(old)-GodLike-TeamIND(New)-TeamSoul-Xspark-Fnatic-Orange Rocks. Scout after a very good performance in PMWL revealed that he wanted to continue his esports career by being ORScoutOP.

Current Roster

Scout PUBG Biography Earnings Achievements
  • Mavi– IGL
  • Scout – Assaulter & Scout
  • Daljitsk – Sniper
  • Gill – Assaulter
  • Viru – Assaulter & Support

Major Controversies of Sc0utOP

  • With Soul Mortal

Scout PUBG Biography Earnings Achievements controversy

This controversy was basically not between Scout and Mortal but between Scout and Mortal’s audience. When Scout replaced Mortal in Team Soul, Mortal fans were very much upset and they were not ready to accept him in Soul so that they started hating him unnecessarily and Scout reacted this scenarios in the wrong way and said mortal was carried by his teammates in PMCO and many more bad things about Mortal but later he apologized for it. For detailed information you can check it out here.
  • With Dynamo and GtxPteet

This was the time when Emulator vs Mobile controversies were at peak and Dynamo was the one who was playing PUBG Mobile on emulator so that Scout started targeting Dynamo and called him Emulator tatta, hackers, noob and many other stuffs. This was the reason his fans started hating Dynamo on his live stream and in response dynamo also replied by calling him Rakhi Sawant and attention seeker. This controversy continued for several weeks until both discussed this matter personally and sorted it out.

Same in the case of GtxPreet, Scout targeted him because he used to play PUBG Mobile on an emulator and he was never in the mood of shifting from emulator to mobile unlike Dynamo gaming and Kronten gaming. And both shared some bad words about each other and what next? Both influencer’s fans started Scolding each other and #ripgtxpreet, GtxPreet died in car accident, #gtxdied trends were set.
  • With Gaming Xpro
Scout PUBG Biography Earnings Achievements controversy

Once during Scout live streaming someone did Super Chat and mentioned about Legit which is the nickname of Gaming Xpro but Scout answered he doesn't know who Legit is. After that a lot of people started spamming about Legit aka Gaming Xpro so Scout scolded his viewers to not spam about Legit. But this incident led to a controversy as Legit thought Scout insulted him and he abused Scout. After that #Nerolac trends came into play as Scout killed Legit by pan whose clan name was BLAC and he pronounced it as NEROLAC.

ScoutOP's Major Achievements

Scout PUBG Biography Earnings Achievements


Scout has more than 2.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and currently he set a record of highest live watching of 358K by beating Carryminati 207K live watching record. From this you can guess how famous he is in Indian Gaming Community. His major source of income is YouTube. He used to get continuously more than 50K+ live watching while live streaming and an average of 2 million views per day. From YouTube he is earning through AdSense, Super Chats, Paytm/Google Pay donations, Memberships and Sponsor.
Scout PUBG Biography Earnings Achievements

He is one of the India’s highest paying eSports players along with Mavi and ClutchGod. His salary is around 1.5 lakhs per month from respective organizations. Not only this much he used to earn a lot of money by participating in different PUBG Mobile tournaments.

He also used to do live stream on different digital platform mostly on Nono TV i.e. Nono tv sponsored him and used to pay a huge amount of money. Another source of income is through Instagram, currently more than 2 million follows on his official Insta account so that by sponsored posts of different brands on Instagram he used to get a good amount of money.

From all these above stats we can assume his monthly income is Approx. Rs. 10 lakhs and his annual income is Approx. Rs. 1 crore which makes,
ScoutOP’s Net Worth: Approx Rs 2 crores (2020).

PUBG ID & Character ID

Scout has more than 5 PUBG Mobile IDs from which he used to play from time to time but his PUBG ID Number is 5144286984 and character ID is ORSc0utOP but his PUBG Mobile character ID keeps changing from time to time. List of his changing PUBG Character IDs:
  • lionelBinod
  • FncScoutOP
  • ORScoutOP

KD Ratio Stats

Scout is a competitive player and we know competitive players never maintain their KD Ratio, they used to play classic matches as fun & time pass. So that their KD does not show their actual class. As of now ScoutOP highest KD Ratio was 12.03 in Season 3 where he played a total of 222 matches and lowest KD Ratio was 5.52 in Season 11 where he played a total 504 matches.
Matches Played
K/D Ratio
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7
Season 8
Season 9
Season 10
Season 11
Season 12
Season 13
Season 14

Controls (Layout) Settings

Scout used to play on iPhone 11 Pro Max with 4 Finger claw control setup and gyroscope is always on. This is his latest Controls layout settings:
Scout PUBG Biography Earnings Achievements control layout

Sensitivity Settings

Scout used to change his sensitivity settings on a regular basis according to the conditions. Many times on his live stream, he changes his setting if he feels any unease so these settings may not be exact currently but somewhere around it. Here’s Scout PUBG Camera, ADS and Gyroscope Sensitivity settings:

Camera Sensitivity
Scout PUBG Biography camera Sensitivity
3rd Person No Scope: 120%
1st Person No Scope: 120%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 46%
2x Scope: 46%
3x Scope: 27%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS: 17%
6x Scope: 13%
8x Scope: 10%

ADS Sensitivity
Scout PUBG Biography ADS Sensitivity
3rd Person No Scope: 135%
1st Person No Scope: 134%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 60%
2x Scope: 60%
3x Scope: 40%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS: 30%
6x Scope: 13%
8x Scope: 11%

Gyroscope Sensitivity
Scout PUBG Biography Gyroscope Sensitivity
3rd Person No Scope: 222%
1st Person No Scope: 220%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 300%
2x Scope: 300%
3x Scope: 240%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS: 232%
6x Scope: 64%
8x Scope: 40%

Lesser Known Facts of Tanmay Singh

✔️Scout is a mechanical engineer by educational qualification but he never wanted to reveal this but once by mistake he revealed it on his live stream.

✔️He has many friends in Indian Gaming Community but Scout revealed his best friend is IND Kratos who is always ready to support him blindly and he shares each and every thing about his personal to professional life with Kratos.

✔️Scout is among the first players from India to represent PUBG Mobile at global level along with 8bit_thug, Assassin and Naruto in PMSC 2018.

✔️In real life he is very friendly and supportive in nature and always used to stand for his friends.

✔️Scout belives in "Your love makes me stronger, your hate makes me unstoppable" quote of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Scout PUBG is from which city?
✔️Valsad, Gujarat

2. Who is the girlfriend of ScoutOP?
✔️The name of ScoutOP’s girlfriend is Zaralizara. She is from Bali, a city in Indonesia. She is also a gamer and a member of EVOS Esports, an Indonesian multi-gaming organisation.
Scout PUBG Biography Girlfriend

3. What is the educational qualification of ScoutOP?
✔️Mechanical Engineer

4. Who is the role model and favourite PUBG Mobile player of ScoutOP?
✔️In real life, Scout is a biggest fan of Cristiano Ronaldo but in PUBG his role model is Shroud and his favourite PUBG Mobile player is Paraboy.

5. Which phone does Scout use for PUBG Mobile?
✔️Scout keeps changing his phone and maintaining the latest version of iPhone. Currently he uses iPhone 11 Max Pro.

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