PUBG Vs Free Fire Comparison, Memes, Status, Shayari & More

Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

Here we are going to discuss and compare two most popular games which are ruling the world right now PUBG Mobile and Free Fire when it comes to mobile games. Let's go for PUBG vs Free Fire basic comparison, Memes, Status and more stuff regarding the topic.

PUBG Mobile Vs Free Fire which is best – Basic Comparison

This is the most controversial and unclear debate to choose which one is best PUBG or Free Fire because it depends upon people choices and their point of views but there are always so many points of discussion to prove one is better than another.  So, let’s do some comparison between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire to choose which one is best.

#1. PUBG vs Free Fire: Downloads and Active Users

Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari
Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

As of now Free Fire has more than 500M+ downloads with 60M+ reviews which is far away from PUBG Mobile having 100M+ downloads with 31M+ reviews on Google Play Store. This is clearly indicated that free fire having more audience when it comes to downloads.

Recently in 2020 Free Fire set a new record of 100 million daily users which clearly shows the trend and craziness of game all over the world. Whereas PUBG Mobile has something around 60-70 million daily users. So that you cannot take a blind side in this battle so easily and this point goes to Free Fire in the battle.

#2. PUBG vs Free Fire: Download Size

PUBG Mobile download size is almost 3-4 times larger than Free fire. The size of PUBG Mobile is almost 1.8GB for Android and 2.4GB for iOS but Free Fire download size is just around 500-600MB. This indicates if you have low end device and shortage of storage, you may not able to download or install PUBG Mobile but you can easily download Free Fire in same.

If you have a high-end device, you can download and play both games very easily but if you have low end device, you cannot play PUBG Mobile and you have only option to choose which is Free Fire. Here also points goes to Free Fire considering user friendly for both low-end and high-end devices.

#3. PUBG vs Free Fire: Graphics and Game Experience

When it comes to comparison for any battle royale games, graphics and game experiences are very crucial and important factor. Same in this battle, PUBG Mobile offers far better graphics based on the unreal engine when compared to Free Fire.
Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

Especially Free Fire is made up for low ended devices so it looks like animated but in case of PUBG Mobile its graphic is realistic and you can change the graphic settings in accordance with your device. There are options for the changing of different graphics for better and smooth game play in PUBG Mobile but not in Free Fire so this point goes to PUBG Mobile in the battle of Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile.

#4. PUBG vs Free Fire: Battle Royale Mode

For “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” in PUBG Mobile, you have at least 30-35 minutes in 100 players lobby. It means total of 100 players will join the game lobby along with you at a time in classic match and you have to survive until the last circle or until the last team player die. PUBG Mobile offers 4 classic maps named Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi and Miramar.

For “BOOYAH!” in Free Fire, you have to survive only 10-15 minutes for the victory. It means Free Fire is a 50 players lobby game because of its small map size and you have to kill last squad of the match for BOOYAH.

#5. PUBG vs Free Fire: Game Interface

 Both games are a battle royal game which contains the similar concept and more or less similar in game structure and design from beginning to end. Both games have their own interface and design when it comes to appearance and look.
Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari
PUBG Mobile interface
Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari
Free Fire interface

You can clearly see the both interfaces which shows Free Fire is based on animated stuffs while PUBG has realistic interface.

#6. PUBG vs Free Fire: Guns, attachments, Scopes & Vehicles

✔️Guns & Throwable

In both game, Guns are divided in different categories of AR, SMG, LMG, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, DMR, Pistols, Melee, and many others. But in Free Fire there are not any specific DMR guns categories as officials included SKS in AR guns category.

In PUBG Mobile there are Four Sniper Rifles named AWM, M24, Kar98 and Win94 but Win94 and M24 are not found in Free Fire.

There are four throwable in PUBG called Frag, Smoke, Stun and Moltov cocktail but only the grenade is included in Free Fire.

✔️Gun’s Attachments & Scopes

In PUBG Mobile scopes like Red dot, Hollow graphic, 2x Scope, 3x Scope, 4x ACOG Scope, 6x Scope and 8x Scopes are available which you can find during your loot in different places. But 8x scope in Free Fire is pre-attached with sniper rifles. AWM Sniper rifle is most powerful gun in both.
Free fire attachment

When it comes to attachment, maximum five attachments you can put on your guns which are Silencer, Muzzle, Foregrip, Magazine and Scope in Both.


In PUBG Mobile you will find a lot of vehicle spawns over different areas and you can choose both water or land for transportation but in Free Fire you can only choose between car and motorcycle and there is not any water transportation in Free Fire.

In PUBG Mobile more than 12 types of vehicle are find which are:
  • UAZ
  • Dacia
  • Buggy
  • Motorcycle
  • Scooter
  • Tukshai
  • Mirado
  • Pickup
  • Rony
  • Minibus
  • PG-117
  • Aquarail

#7. PUBG vs Free Fire: Updates, Official Supports & Monitoring

PUBG Mobile is always trying to fix their recent bugs and introduce some new features so that players intraction with game is keep increasing and this is reason why PUBG has comparatively more updates than other but you can’t find same like in Free Fire.

When it comes to official supports and game monitoring, PUBG lacks in this because of you can clearly shows there are not more supports from PUBG official teams regarding game topics. Also you can see tons of hackers are freely playing the game but they are still unnoticed. But in Free Fire, there are good official supports and quite efficient monitoring.

#8. PUBG vs Free Fire: Esports career & Tournaments

In eSports and competitive scenario PUBG Mobile is far away from Garena Free Fire which is quite obvious and we all are familiar with it. The competitiveness level in PUBG Mobile is insane and so that many big organizations like Fnatic, Cloud9, Bigetron RA have their own line-up for PUBG Mobile but Free Fire lacks in competitive scenarios.

The prize pools and popularity of PUBG Mobile tournaments are much more higher than Free Fire. PUBG Mobile officials are regularly working on organize mind blowing events on regular basis with a lot of investments. For example: PMCO, PMWL, PEC, PMIS are some of biggest PUBG tournaments which offers prize pools in crores and so that competitiveness and craziness of game increases time to time.

Five PUBG Mobile Memes

As we know the popularity of PUBG Mobile game is how much high all over the world. Players are showing their love towards it by sharing different memes and other stuffs. Here’s top five PUBG Mobile memes of all time:
Pubg memes:-
3. ❤️
Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

Five Garena Free Fire Memes

Same in case of Free Fire, the game lovers are not so much behind for expressing their love toward the game. Here’s top 5 Free Fire memes:

Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

PUBG is better than Free Fire Memes

As popularity of both games increases the fans war started between the PUBG Mobile and Free Fire supporters. Both are arguing and trying to prove their favourite game is best and for this they used to share memes i.e. Free Fire haters. Here’s some of the best memes which show PUBG Mobile is better than Free Fire:

1. True!
Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

2. LOL..
Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

3. πŸ˜‚
Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

4. Oh No!!
Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

5. Sad Life!!
Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

Free Fire is Better than PUBG Memes

Another side people who love to play Free Fire are defending their game and toll PUBG Mobile. Here’s the best memes which shows Free Fire is better than PUBG:
Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

Pubg vs free fire comparison, memes, shayari

PUBG Mobile Vs Free Fire Status and Shayari

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire Status and Shayari become so much popular among the respective game lovers. They used to share memes, status and shayari on social plateform to support their favourite game. Here’s some of the PUBG vs Free Fire Status and Shayari which you can use on Whatsapp or Facebook.

The result may be positive or negative, never Forget to give your best.Break the rules. Find your freedom. Live your life.

Kaise kaise pal dikhati hein zindegi, kabhi PUBG se dosti to kabhi Free Fire se saadgi, PUBG ka dil toda nahi jata, Free Fire se mih moda nahi jata. install karu ek ko to dusra hein rota, PUBG ko khelun to Free Fire aankhe bhigote, hun to mein suddhh sakahari,but winnwe winner chicken dinner bhi lagti hein ab pyaari.

Lesser Known Facts About PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire

1. Many people think that Free Fire is copy of PUBG Mobile but this is totally false because Free Fire released on 30 September 2017 while PUBG Mobile release on February 9, 2019.

2. PUBG Mobile was made by a South Korean company named Bluehole, designed by Brendan Greene, directed by Jang Tae-seok with the help of PUBG Corporation developers. Whereas Free Fire was developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena which is a Singaporean company. The founder of Free Fire is Forrest Li who is known as the owner of Free Fire.

3. Many big PUBG Mobile players like Soul Mortal, Regaltos and ScoutOP never hate Free Fire moreover they play it sometime same in case of Free Fire Total gaming and Sooneeta used to play PUBG Mobile time to time which show they love both game.

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