100 PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks To Become A Pro Player

Want to become Master in PUBG Mobile, Read these best PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks which helps you to get 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' in every matches.
PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks To Become A Pro Player

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner

#1 Always use headphone or earphone

In PUBG Mobile, sound is a very important factor to know about enemy activities and what they are doing. Without a good in-game sound, you can’t compete with your enemy because they get an extra advantage over you. So always play with a good headphone or earphone which helps you to know about the enemy's exact location and their activities.

#2 Jump at 700-800m

While jumping from the plane, it is good to jump before 700-800m from the target location which helps you to monitor enemies and you will reach few seconds before than other. 

#3 Check how many landed nearby

While landing on your target location, first check how many are landing along with you and also try to find out their exact position. This is a very important aspect to know about your enemy’s position in PUBG Mobile so that you can rebuild your game plan with your teammates.

#4 Capture the house

Always try to capture a good house (Compound). It gives you proper protection from the enemies. Being in the house, you can monitor your opponent's activities without being noticed by them and also can hold different angles.

#5 Stick together with squads

Stocking with the squad is very important if you are playing squad matches. It always provides extra benefit and builds a good strategy.

#6 Pickup enough nades and smokes

Many newbies are not focused on carrying extra nades and smokes because they don't know how to utilise the utilities properly. But look at the professional players they give the first priority of nades and smoke because it helps them in critical situations. So always try to carry at least 3-4 nades and smokes.

#7 Gun combo- AR & Sniper

Always try to carry both short range and long range guns. For short range AR guns are best like M416, AKM, SCARL etc. and for long range carry sniper like Kar98, M24, AWM or DMR guns like Mini14, SKS etc.

#8 Use compensator instead of suppressor

Compensator provides gun stability and accuracy so use it instead of a suppressor which suppresses the sound of guns. But it is totally upon your choice.

#9 Run in zig-zag

This is a very small move but has a large benefit because 4while crossing or running in open fields never run straight otherwise you may be an easy Target of your enemy.

#10 Avoid fight without helmet and vest

Always try to avoid the initial fight without having a helmet and vest otherwise you may knock and finish very easily.

#11 Master recoil control

Recoil control is very important for proper spray and accurate aim. Otherwise your enemy can kill you with the same gun with accurate spray.

#12 Thow Cooked nades

Cooked nade kills the enemy instantly, there is no time to escape. From uncooked nade many times an enemy can survive by moving away.

#13 Use smokes

As we know smoke blocks visibility so it can provide a very good cover in open fields. Sometimes in games there is literally no cover around so smoke is very much essential especially in the last circle.  

#14 Crouch randomly while running or fighting

This is a very crucial and beneficial way to get least damage while fighting. Nowadays players usually used to go for the head for maximum damage so that crouching can minimize some damage.

#15 Throw Nade before rushing

By throwing nades before rushing is very much important and useful. It can give you an opening and distract the enemy so that you can get some extra time to execute your plan.

#16 Never panic your teammates for revive

This is a common mistake usually people do when they get knocked. If you force your teammate to revive first, it gives your enemy extra time and your whole squad may be wiped out. So take it easy and give your teammates full time to hunt the enemy first and then call for revival. 

#17 Avoid open field

While rotating for the circle or pushing any squads, always try to avoid open fields. If your enemy finds you in open fields, chances of knock and instant kill is very high.so always prefer cover to cover movement rather than open fields.

#18 Take position in higher spots

Higher the position, higher chances of getting free kills. If your position is higher than your opponent, you have advantages of collecting their positions and can take those free kills.

#19 Use car as cover

If you haven't any covers at all, the best option is use your car as cover. The cover of cars is very handy if you are in a sandwich situation. It provides you proper protection from opponent sprays and saves enough time to make strategy for the fights.

#20 Don't waste time

Importance of time is everywhere. If you are not utilising your time, you can't win the battles. Find the best time for rotation, push or back off and always keep in mind PUBG is all about timing.

#21 Don't peek if enemy has bolt-action

Many new players make such types of mistakes by peeking long time against bolt-action which provide the opponent teams extra advantage and enough time for pushing.

#22 Render lag means enemy

Sometimes you notice your screen is lagging, it means enemies are near you. so be careful if your game is lagging and instantly pass information to your squad members.

#23 Split while in red zone

Red zone is a part of the game and it is obviously not in our control. So it's a better option to be in cover or if you are in open fields then keep distance between squad members. It reduces the chance of maximum causality.

#24 Play arcade for skills

If you feel your skill is not upto mark, play arcade mode. There is not any fear of death so you can practice hard and hard. Always practice 2-3 games on arcade mode before entering into classic matches. It really improves your skill sets.

#25 Look at the timer

The timer shows the progress of the game as how much time you have already spended in the game. It is also very important for entering into the  safe zone because it indicates the remaining times of blue zone arrival. Always keep in mind, blue zone damage turns over the end of your game.

#26 Smoke the loot

While looting always try to first smoke then only loot specially if you are in open fields. Otherwise you may be easily spotted by your enemy and get punished. So always smoke before looting any kinds of loot like air drops, flare drops or enemy creates.

#27 Always Move cover to cover

Never expose yourself to your enemy. It provides an opportunity to your opponent to punish you. If you are moving to open fields without cover, may you get multiple shots.

#28 Try to Play on high sensitivity

High sensitivity always provides you an extra benefit over your opponent because it gives you perfect move, fire etc. Many players committed these types of mistakes by playing on low sensitivity. So always try to play on high sensitivity, it provides low desync.

#29 Learn claw

Many experts prefer claws over thumb because it gives you more options at a time. Players with thumb game play only do two activities at time but think about claw player, he can do multiple actions at time. Claw always provides you extra benefit over your opponents. So try to play for claw setting at least 3 fingers and see your results. 

#30 Use bikes for speed

In PUBG Mobile no other vehicles are Faster as bike so if you need fast movement or rotation, go for bike. It saves your time and also helps in early rotations from others. Sometimes you may be stuck in bluezone that time you have to move quickly into the safe zone and  that time always use bikes over other vehicles.

#31 Don't block the stairs

While rushing on an enemy's building, never block stairs, otherwise not only you, your whole team may be wiped out. If you block the stairs your teammate's movement is stuck and you will get multiple blames for the match lose.

#32 Use peek and fire

By using peek and fire, your player is still in cover while firing and you are less exposed.

#33 Play fpp for reaction time

If you want to increase your reaction time, play FPP. This is the better option for increasing reaction time because it's all about gun fight.

#34 Don't focus on finishing

Many Newbies are committing these types of mistakes by trying to finish the knocked player instantly. Never do that, focus on wiping the whole squad or if you are in a better position then only finish the knocked player.

#35 Try AKM iron-sight

Iron sight AKM has literally no recoil which gives you opportunity to proper spray. Undoubtedly AKM is a very powerful gun in PUBG Mobile but while using scopes, recoil is uncontrollable so try to use iron sight.

#36 Use car in last zone

Many times the last circle ended in open fields so there are not any types of cover, at that time cover of cars are very handy. Many professional players carry their vehicles till the last circle only for this purpose.

#37 Keep changing positions

Position is very important in battle royale games like PUBG. Always try to not reveal your position to the enemy and your opponents know your position then instantly change that position. 

#38 Through nade in smoke

Smoke is used for cover so keep in mind whenever you see the smoke enemy around that area. So try to throw random nades in smoke, it gives you valuable results.

#39 Daily spends some time in Training session

Spending some quality time in Training session is very important. It improves your skill and aim, also you come to know your weakness and strength.

#40 Smoke to create panic

This is a strategic mindset for creating panic by using random smokes. Smoke pulls the attention of the enemy so you are safe to go in cover or take any extra advantage.

#41 Drive zig-zag

If you are driving straight your enemy may spray more accurately on your vehicle and your whole squad may take critical damage. So try to drive zig-zag while rotating from one place to another.

#42 Don't peak from same window

Position is very important so try to change your position every time.

#43 Save your cars

Vehicles are very important and Handy in PUBG Mobile so try to save your vehicles till the last circle.

#44 Look out for campers

A noob Camper can ruin your all gameplay so always try to look out for campers. Specially in Sahnok match you will find a lot of campers doing snaking.

#45 Smoke and revive

Never revive your teammates in the open field. First do proper smoke and then only go for the revive.

#46 Adjust the 6x scope

By adjusting the 6x scope it provides better recoil control and good exposure.

#47 Mark extra loot

If you find some extra loot, mark that for your teammates. This is a very common step but very much handy.

#48 Smoke the drop

While looting the air drops/flair drops/enemy crates, cover the loot with smoke and then only start looting.

#49 Use voice chat

Communication is very important to build strategy and planning. Generally while playing with randoms many players do not communicate with each other which costs them later.

#50 Use push to talk

While pushing on enemies first decide your strategy with your teammates otherwise you can take unwanted causality.

#51 Never drive alone

If you are driving alone, there is not any option to fire so always try to drive at least in pairs or with all squads.

#52 Rotate for the zone

Rotation is very important and choosing a good holding position is another. So always be ready for rotation inside the zone as fast as you can.

#53 Swap damage vest for low level vest

If your vest or helmet is damaged, swap it with another same or higher level. Each and every small to large aspects are important for winning the match.

#54 Use boat if bridge is camped

If there is bridge camp and you don't want to take the fights, go for boats otherwise you can take extra casualties.

#55 Use enemy ahead

Enemy ahead provides the exact location of the enemy but many players don’t mark the enemy location but used to say their location which creates confusion among the team.

#56 Use the compass features

There is used for denoting an angle location of the map. Commonly used for locating air drops.

#57 Don't over loot

This is a very common mistake many players are committing by over loot whatever they found. Only essential loot is required for the game and you have extra loot ask with your teammates first and if not required drop it.

#58 Use 6x in m416

In M416, 6x scope is very much fit so always try to use 6x in M416.

#59 Count on distance and moving speed when sniping

This is simple physics while sniping, consider the law of physics and aim slightly ahead of the enemy.

#60 Full boost before fight

At the time of fight, try to fully boost your HP because every little advantage over your enemy creates an opportunity to win the fights. Many times, you can see you or your enemy barely survive on one HP during fights. 

#61 Only keep 4-5 bandages

When you get enough loot and there is no space for any important components through all the bandages or only keep 4-5.

#62 Don't save resources for long

If you have resources like Pain Killers, Energy Drinks, Ammo, Flair guns etc, don’t save it for longer use whenever you get the chance otherwise at crucial times you may don’t get time for utilization.

#63 Share resources to your squads

If you have some extra loot or any gun which you don’t prefer, share with your squad which gives extra strength to the squad. But if you leave or through without sharing, it is worthless.

#64 Full boost to run fast

Want to run fast, jump or fight full boost your HP which gives you extra advantage over your enemy. 

#65 The bleed out myth

Many players used to think if you are moving after getting knocked, you will bleed down quickly but this is totally wrong. There is nothing like that to bleeding fast in PUBG Mobile if you are moving while knocked.

#66 More knock means faster bleed out

You have to know about this that if you are knocked multiple times you will bleed faster than previous. It means bleeding is faster for second knock as compared to the first knock and same for third and fourth.

#67 Swim underwater

What to do when you are surrounded by enemies in the water areas? Try to swim underwater with little bit damage before getting a good cover. If you don’t do that you will die instantly within the water.

#68 Don't snake everywhere

Snaking while enemy passing is a very common mistake every newbie used to do. Never snake instantly after seeing enemies, try to go in good cover and analyse the behaviour of the enemy what they are doing.

#69 Make a fixed landing spot

If you are landing on random places, you can’t master in any of them so nicely. But by choosing a fixed landing spot, you can easily master each and every aspect of that location.

#70 Take cover before firing

Many players start firing instantly when they see the enemy without being in cover which costs instant knock and finish. So before fire first take a good cover and then only shoot the enemy. 

#71 Distract the enemy

If your plans are not working then the best way to get a good result is to distract your enemy with smokes, Grenades or vehicles which force the opponent to commit any mistakes.

#72 Break bridge camp from behind

“Best way to defeat your enemy is surprise attacks.” Same in PUBG, if you find there is a bridge camp going on, try to rotate behind the bridge and attack from behind which reduces the time of the enemy to rebuild the strategy.

#73 Bait the enemy

If you want to wipe out the whole squad, never instantly kill the enemy after knocked out which attracts other teammates for reviving and your job become easier. 

#74 Increase the no. of smoke

As you know smoke is so important in PUBG Mobile, try to carry at least 4-5 smokes. Smokes are very handy at the time of last circle and in open fields. And smokes are also very useful at the time of fights for blocking the vision.

#75 Change gun

In PUBG Mobile, you can carry two AR guns at a time and can use one at a time. In the intense fight, a small fraction of second is very important so that saves your time by changing the gun rather than reloading it.

#76 Take tpp properly

Many players don’t know how to take proper TPP. They are exposing themselves while taking TPP but they don’t even realize that they are exposed. For a proper TPP, First choose a good spot with proper cover and try to take TPP from behind your cover.

#77 Heal more for more points

In PUBG Mobile there are extra points for healing or reviving your teammates. It means the more you take healings, the more points you will get. Same in the case of revive, if you revive more times your teammate you will get extra points.

#78 Give call while nading

This is a major mistake everyone is faced at least once in the game by knocking your teammates by nades. But think about it if you do the same thing between an intense fight, it can change the whole scenario. So the best way not to commit these types of mistakes is give a proper call about what you are doing.

#79 Use flare gun on edge of circle

Flare gun is the most attractive thing in PUBG Mobile while reveals location so if you are using flare on in the mid of circle many players want to take it with you which create a chance of unwanted causality but when you use it on edge of the circle, only few players are think about taking fight or may not.

#80 Try to Revive at stairs

Best position of reviving is on the stairs because normally enemies through nades inside the room and it also provides an extra vision for monitoring what enemies are doing so you can make a good decision.

#81 Start using Molotov more

Grenades in PUBG Mobile take some time to blast and also bounce which provides enemies to escape from the deadly areas but Molotov doesn’t take time to burn and also doesn’t bounce. So, Molotov is very handy in open fields compared to nades.

#82 Better gun combination

Try to be a master in the same combination of guns which is easy to control. Choose the gun which can handle easily with higher accuracy. If you one AR and one sniper or DMR is the best combination for the game in PUBG Mobile but you can take both AR guns too for the close combat fight.

#83 Learn from the mistakes

Better way to improve yourself is to learn from the mistakes you committed before. You have to analyse and figure out your mistakes and try to not repeat that mistake again in the next game. In this way, you are able to find out your weakness and strength which is very much important to know in PUBG Mobile.

#84 Get aside if knocked out

If you get knocked, try to get aside otherwise you will kill instantly or you may block your teammates vision which is not good for the game. Try to hide into the cover and reveal enemy location to your teammates.

#85 Move towards the snake

Especially in the last few circles snakes are very deadly as you can’t find their exact location so a better way to deal with them is move towards them and kill instantly when you see them. You can also use throwables in the last circle which is proved to be very useful.

#86 Stay at the stairs in buildings

When you are inside the building, try to be at stairs which reduces the chances of causality while the enemy throws the nades because most of the time the opponent throws grenades inside the room. Another advantage of being at the stairs is you can monitor and take quick action against the enemy.

#87 Don't get knock while nading

If you overcook while nading you will get instant knock so be careful about it and check the timer very carefully. Also make sure the grenade doesn’t bounce back towards you or at your teammates. Otherwise you can lose at the time of engagements with the enemy.

#88 Decide where to hit

This is a very important factor for aiming accurately. Best way to give more damage is hitting on the head. Try to aim for the head so you will get maximum results in less effort. 

#89 Always keep a gas cane

Many players don’t usually carry gas cans but this is not a good thing. Always try to carry at least one gas cane with you. You don’t know how much distance you have to travel in the game so if you think that you have to travel a long distance while rotating, carry 2-3 gas canes otherwise you may be stuck in the midway. 

#90 Drop extra ammo towards end of the game

If you are carrying extra ammos and don’t have space for healings or any other accessories, drop some of the ammos towards the end of the game. There are no points to keep extra ammos if the game ends.

#91 Decide who goes in first

There is a very common confusion among the players who go first while rushing. So first decide who to goes first while pushing or assigning the role of every teammate at the beginning of the game. 

#92 S12K is best for defending a rush

S12K is a very underrated gun in PUBG Mobile. This is a beast gun when it comes to close combat and you can use it as defending the rush because it knocks the enemy in one shot. But you have to be very careful about your accuracy. 

#93 Don't make your skilled teammates drive

This is a basic but very big mistake to make your skilled teammates drive. When a skilled or assaulter player drives the vehicle, your team is lacking in gun power so best give the driving role to the sniper player of your squad.

#94 Beware of bot scam

Nowadays bot scam is becoming more and more popular because as soon as anyone hears bot fire like sounds, players blindly rush towards that to get a kill but that where they lack in the game and scammer will get benefit over it. So first clearly identify the bot and then only go for it.

#95 Stay at different floors

Always stay at a different floor when you are inside a building otherwise a single nade can wipes your whole squad. But if you are diverse, you still have a chance of getting revived.

#96 Throw nades randomly in final circle

Generally, all players are snaking or prone in the final circle within a small area. No one wants to reveal their location but everyone knows where the players are so the best way to try random nades in the final circle which definitely gives you a better result.

#97 Pro never snake but does in final circle

The best way to survive in the final circle is snaking and hiding inside the grasses because if you get noticed by enemies, you will be punished instantly. 

#98 Use 2x in AR gives low recoils

By using 2x scope on AR guns, it gives very low recoil compared to 3x, 4x and 6x. This is only for those who can't control recoil properly, not for those who can control recoils.

#99 Put speaker in all to know nearby players

When you open your all speaker, you can hear the nearby players sound and especially in the final circle you can take this advantage.

#100 Move away when firing

Moving away while firing is an adaptive skill every player should try. By doing this you will get least damage from your opponents.

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