How To Play PUBG Mobile Online: Step-By-Step Guides For First Game

PUBG Mobile Online Guides

We all know the craze of PUBG Mobile all over the world and especially in India, it is beyond imagination because everyone wants to play PUBG Mobile online. Every 10 of 6 young smartphone users (mostly students)  in India are used to playing PUBG Mobile. 
PUBG Mobile Guides For First Game
PUBG Mobile
But they just started playing PUBG Mobile without knowing proper guidance which leads to waste of their valuable time. Here today I'm going to explain all the basics to advance PUBG Mobile guides from which each and every player must be familiar.

#Basics: What is PUBG MOBILE?

You and 99 other real-time players are thrown by a parachute onto a remote island. The island was once inhabited, but it has now been abandoned, leaving all towns and buildings to nature.

Randomly distributed on the island are weapons, ammunition, clothing and armor, healing items, and electricity that can be found in buildings, as well as some vehicles that are still running.

Your goal is to be the last man/woman. Every player tries to kill other players. You can do this in any way you want: run on the island, shoot your way, wait to hide in ambush or find a sniper den, lie down. While other players complete each other, even find a car. But in the end you have to stand up, move, and head to the densely populated part of the game.

Let's start your journey,

It's simple to first download and install the PUBG  Mobile from google play store in your smartphone. Your smartphone must be good enough to support its functionalities. Here you go, if you open this there is three option for you to start:
PUBG Mobile Guides For First Game
PUBG Mobile login page

1. If you want to play PUBG through g-mail id then you have to download it from play store and give your id in it and then open PUBG and you will see there play games and if there is not any tap option you will see it, tap it and then agree two times here you are.

2. Want to play PUBG through Facebook or twitter then just tap Facebook or twitter log in yourself here you are.

3. Want to play PUBG without any id just tap Guest. But if you change your device, you will not be able to get that id.

On iOS you can also choose to log in via your Game Center account, but for this you will have to hit the “more” button next to the other options to find the Game Center setting.

After you have selected a way to log in, you have to agree on some terms and conditions. Now you are good to go.

You will see the interface something like this on your phone.

PUBG Mobile Guides For First Game
PUBG Mobile
Now you have two options: either you can directly enter in the game on click on START or do something basic on page optimization.

Basic Optimization

#Chose outfit for your character:
Initially, there is not any custom outfit for your character so you have to choose this by clicking on inventory given below the screen of your phone.
PUBG Mobile Guides For First Game
PUBG Mobile: Outfits

#Download the maps:

All the maps are not available for you directly, you have to download it. You can see the following interface and just by clicking on it, your map is ready to play.
PUBG Mobile Guides For First Game
PUBG Mobile: Maps

#Training session:

Before starting the game, practice in the training session. In training mode, all the guns, equipment s, vehicles, gears, equipment etc. are available which give you a quick overview of the game.
PUBG Mobile Guides For First Game
PUBG Mobile: Training Session

After spending Some time in training mode, you have little idea about the game. Now you can start your game by clicking on START.

After clicking START, in matching of 2-3 second you will see around 100 people are randomly running and jumping on the ground. You can also do the same by touching the movement button which is initially, left side of your screen.

After almost 60 second you will directly see a plane flying. On the right side top, there is a small map where you can see the plane path. By clicking on it, it will expand and there you can see different names like Pochinki, Military base, Milta power and many more.

Now you have to click on the jump button and you will drop from the plane. After some time you will see a parachute opening and now you are on the ground. Now what to do?

After this you have to search the buildings and run towards them, enter by opening the door, you will see many random items like guns, bullets, drinks and different equipment of guns. Try to search a bags pack without it you are not able to loot many loots because it is your storage package.

PUBG Mobile Guides For First Game
PUBG Mobile: Buildings & Loots

If you have enough loot like a proper gun with some bullets, you are ready to take fights. Now your next job is to check the map if you are inside white circle mark that's good. Otherwise you have to move from your current location towards the white circled mark. The white circle is continuously getting smaller and smaller and if you are outside of that line you will get blue zone damage. So always try to be in that white circle mark.

Now what's next? You will hear the gun sound near you, it means enemies are not far from you so you have to be careful and hide inside buildings or behind the cover. If you can see your enemies are running towards you then most probably they have already seen you so be careful hold your gun in hand and wait for your first hunt down.

When you find enemy moving  near you, just aim towards his body and click on the fire button. if luckily you connected your bullets gg it's your first kill in PUBG Mobile.

Now you can loot extra bullets, grenades, health kits and follow the same with other enemies near you. If you are successful in killing them your killed count is increasing from one to two, two to three.

At this time, you spend almost 25 minutes in games and luckily you are surviving, it's rare but not a miracle. It means you are very near to "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner". But for it you have to be very careful because like you many players are waiting for No.1 spot. So you are now in last circle and you have to follow these some of the basics steps:

1. If you are inside the building do not come outside until the final circle starts moving.

2. If you are in the open field do snaking and hide between the grasses.

3. Try to find out the position of your enemy and if you are getting the clear angle then fire your gun and collect kills.

4. Check the number of players still alive. If you find only two players are alive it means only one enemy is between your first win.

5. Try to find out the position of last player standing and spray your gun towards his body with accuracy.

If you successfully kill your last enemy, you will see "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" on your screen. But it's not easy to get chicken dinner in your first game. It takes almost 3-4 games on average if you follow every step explained above carefully.

PUBG Mobile Guides For First Game
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

#Advanced skills to stay alive

If you want to be faster, you may lament the lack of practice scope or tutorial mode. If this is the case, consider spending some of my favorite games as "Blowout Mode." Several rounds of games deliberately go to highly packed areas on the map to find specific weapons or weapon types, so you can immediately master their performance in the game. 

You will die a lot, but you will quickly get some key experience, because at other times, when there is no one in your eyes, triggering and revealing your position is a tactical error. The picnic table before the game is also a good place to try new weapons quickly.

Play with headphones whenever possible. Even if you have stereo settings instead of surround sound , it is much easier to determine the direction of the noise.

A vehicle is very suitable for equipment in remote areas and return to the game area, but as the game progresses, their usefulness becomes smaller and smaller, because most maps become unrestricted, and more players are forced to enter smaller areas. When the number of remaining players is less than 20, or the playing area is less than one square kilometer, it is time to throw it away-noise will make you a target for everyone.


Don't be discouraged. Based only on the average, you can only win one of every 100 games (assuming you are as good as everyone else). But as your techniques and skills are further refined, you will get closer and closer to that Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

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