Soul Mortal (Naman Mathur) Biography, Family, Achievements, Incomes & More

Mortal Biography
Soul Mortal

  • Soul Mortal, a PUBG Mobile player, brought the trend of gaming in India.
  • Mortal is the most loved and respected player in Indian Gaming Community.


Real Name
 Naman Mathur

Nick Name
Naman (Family and Friends), Mortal (Gaming Community)
Competitive Gamer & Social Media Influencer

24 Years (As of 2020)

Date of Birth
22 May 1996

Birth Place
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Home Town
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Zodiac sign

5'7'' Feet-Inches
62 Kg

Skin type

Hair Colour

Favourite Actor
Favourite actress
Akshay Kumar
Priyanka Chopra
Favourite game
1st PUBG Mobile obviously, 2nd Counter-Strike

Favourite gun

Gaming and exploring


Small family of three members as his father has already passed away. He used to live with his Big Brother and Mother. Abhinav Mathur, a Musician, big brother of Mortal. Kavita Mathur, a housewife, mother of Mortal. 
Mortal Biography
Mortal's with his mother and brother

His family is very much supportive to him as Mortal always mentions them for his success journey. They used to spend quality time with each other, always ready to support Mortal whenever he needed any types of help.

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Mortal started his YouTube channel in September 2016. That time he used to upload Mini Militia game play on his YouTube channel but he was not serious about it. Later, when the trends of PUBG Mobile was increasing rapidly, On 20 june 2018, he uploaded his first PUBG Mobile video. 
Mortal Biography
Event in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

But his career took U turns when he uploaded 'Every PUBG Player will watch this Ending' video. This video became viral and people came to know about Mortal for the First time.

Lifestyle and Behaviour

Mortal lifestyle is very simple and mostly transparent to all of us, never try to show off. He used to live with his family (mother and brother) in Mumbai. Basic behaviours are:
  • Cool, Calm and composed
  • Responsible
  • Down to earth
  • Social & Friendly
  • Sweet and Lovable
  • Goal Centric
  • No use of bad words (family friendly)
Mortal Biography
Mortal's with Tiger Shroff


Controversy in the eSports career is very common but mostly ended as players sort it out. Despite of being most cool, calm & composed, Mortal has two major controversies:

1. Controversy with Scout
This controversy got a lot of hype and almost everywhere in IGC, people were talking about it. Basically, this controversy was started when Scout said "Mortal was carried by his teammates in PMCO." After this statement of Scout, Mortal fans were triggered and started abusing Scout but later both were talked together and problem sorted. Nowadays both are very good friends to each other.
Mortal Biography
Mortal & Scout

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2. Controversy with Ronak & Owais
After Ronak and Owais left Team Soul, the cold war inside both groups was increasing. Later Ronak blamed 8bit_thug and Mortal for Breaking of Team Soul on his live streaming and once again controversy started. But after a long discussion between Mortal, Viper, Thug, Mamba and Ronak on Ronak's Live stream, all the matter was cleared.
Mortal Biography
Old Team Soul after winning India Series 2019


Most experienced and most numbers of trophy, Soul Mortal and co. have. Undoubtedly, when it comes to business no one is near Mortal's achievements and number of trophies. Mortal and his team participated in numbers of tournaments and won most of them with good leads. Here, some of the major achievements achieved by Mortal and Co:
Mortal Biography
S8ul Family

1. PUBG Mobile India Series 2019- Rank 1st

2. PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split: India- Rank 1st

3. PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split Global Finals- Rank 12th

4. PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split: South Asia- Rank 2nd

5. Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019- Rank 12th

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1. First and Major source of income is YouTube. Currently more than 6 million subscribers in his YouTube channel. From YouTube, He is earning through:
  • Adsense
  • Superchats
  • Google pay/Paytm
  • Membership
  • Collaboration with brands
  • Sponsor
2. Another income source is participating in different tournaments. The major tournaments have massive prize money and when you win the tournament, mammoth amounts of prize money you get. For example: after winning the PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split: India, Team soul had gotten $60,000 prize money.

3. Instagram also supports the income of Soul Mortal. Recently more than 2 million followers are on his official Instagram account. With collaboration with different brands on insta, he is getting a good amount of income.

You can expect around Rs.10-15 lakh per month which comes around Rs.12000k-18000k annually.
Soul Mortal's Networth: Rs.30000k-50000k (Approx.estimate)


Apart from professional life, mortal never fails to help indian gaming community. Today Being best content creator and public influencer of indian gaming community (IGC), always stands by his words and works hard for betterment of community. Some of the major contribution and donation of Soul Mortal:
  • Charity streams for Pulwama attack 2020, 2019 Bihar floods, Assam flood refugees, Bushfires in Australia and many more like this.
  • Donated (Rs.5,62,500) winning Prize Money of PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split SA Finals 2019 to Indian Army.

Unknown Facts

1. Actual real name of Soul Mortal is Naman Sandeep Mathur not only Naman Mathur.

2. Mortal never spoke against people who used to play PUBG Mobile on Emulator.

3. Mortal's family had struggled a lot in his past, financial and emotionally because they hadn't found any support from their relatives.

4. Mortal dad had passed away when he was just 4 years old. 
Mortal Biography
Mortal's with his Father, Mother & Brother

5. Mortal has a dachshund dog. He loves his dog very much and named it CD (Charan Das).

Mortal Biography
Mortal & his dog CD

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Mortal the best PUBG Mobile player in india?
From 2018 to 2020, the competition in PUBG Mobile in India increased a lot and produced many players with great skill and they are improving themselves continuously. So you can say, he is one of the best among the tier 1 players.

2. Which phone does mortal use?
Started his journey on playing on iPad but currently je uses Iphone 11 pro max.

3. Who is Mortal's girlfriend?
8bitRaven aka Paridhi Khullar (but many times mortal denied it by saying they are just good friends).
Mortal Biography
Mortal's with his girlfriend Reven

4. Who is the Leader of Team Soul?
Soul Vickey is the Leader of Soul Clan and Soul Mortal is the owner/leader of Team Soul eSports lineup.

5. Who is the best friend of Mortal?
He has many good friends but especially Soul Viper and 8bit_ thug, supported him in tough times.

6. What is the Phone number of Soul Mortal?
8169159142 (This is his Google pay/Paytm number).

7. What is Soul Mortal PUBG character id?

8. Who is Mortal's favourite player?
Athena gaming (Serioton) and he also likes RRQ, EVOS and BTR player's play styles, he said in an interview when K18 asked him.

Social Media Accounts

1. Instagram

2. Twitter
3. YouTube

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